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today's been kinda slow... i didn't do much really... woke up late, had breakfast, watched tv... felt like rewarding myself for passing all exams in the last round. i felt sick too. so i even had an excuse for my decadent life style. suppose i'm about to catch a cold. well, tomorrow i ain't gonna be that lazy.
i've got an appointment at one pm, it's not really too essential, but i could have a look at my exam and find out what i did wrong and so on... so i guess it'd be a good thing to go there.
my dad has called me and he asked me out for lunch. but arg... well dunno whether i should go. i mean it's fun to meet up with my dad, but then it would kinda mess up my whole time schedule - meaning i'd need to wake up 'early'... gosh... i'm getting all lazy and old.

so let's see... if i'd wake up at ten, i could make it for lunch at 12. oh, but then i'd be impossible to get to uni on time. alright, seems like i need to blow it up. sorry dad!!
hey but i could got to him after uni. i mean it shouldn't take too long, so i could have a coffee or something. okay, that's great... everything's set now!

on monday i have a french exam... grmpf... seriously, at the moment i could beat myself up for having chosen this stupid course. like i really don't need it... but then i have already started, and i have been to all classes so far. so i guess i should just continue and try to get an okay grade on the monday exam... well, je ne veux pas travailler en ce moment. je suis en vacances!

okay, so after meeting up with my dad, i am gonna return home and then my dear u really need to study. not like seven hours in a row, but i do have to look up some grammar stuff and revise my vocabulary. my french has gotton rusty... grmpf!
and i really do wanna pass that exam. it's not like super hard, so failing would be kinda stupid and extremely useless.

a student life is not fun and great... i mean most of my time i am spent researching or studying or just worrying about uni matters. what's fun about that? and i am not even extremely geeky or anything... and after a while u start feeling lonely. i mean in hong kong i'd do everything with my friends, campus life was just soo much more fun. over here u need to worry about your own stuff, no one really gives a shit.

objective: LEAVE AUSTRIA AS FAST AS YOU CAN! this country is unhealthy! i swear... no wonder, everyone looks so grumpy over here... smurf attack!
17.12.04 01:58

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